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Insutech Rail Clamps are flexible crane rail clip which are designed and manufactured to fix the largest rails in the most strenuous and demanding applications. It is ideally used for travelling Rails of EOT Cranes. Insutech offers wide range of the clamps like Cup type, Channel type, Flat type, Angle type and Forged or Self-Locking Rail Clamps.



  • The designs are very sturdy and can be used for many years
  • The bottom pad is welded to the rail support structure, no access is required from below.
  • The two main parts are locked together on tightening by Nuts & Bolts and offers Self-Locking upto displacement of 15mm.
  • A special Synthetic rubber applies an adequate force on to the rail.
  • Insutech offers wide range of the clamps which can be used for
    30lbs, 45lbs, 60 lbs, 90 lbs, CR80 CR100, CR120 etc to name a few.
  • Insutech offers range of Rail Clamps like Cup type, Angle type, Channel type, Bolted type, Welded type ,Milling type, Self-Locking Clamp and so forth’



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