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Shock Absorbing System employs the concept of absorbing the force
of an impact of the object being hit. The common theme employed by the Spring Buffers of INSUTECH is, the impact force can be channeled into and absorbed by a Safety barrier then less damage will be done to the objects involved.

This means that Safety Barriers must be more than just visible reminders of potential danger. They must be engineered to withstand the likely specific danger in any given situation.

The INSTECH Spring Buffers can be used for moving equipment as small as 1 ton
to 500 tons and above.

The INSUTECH Buffers are ideally suited where larger and continues impacts are in existence.

The exceptional quality of the buffers is acknowledged by its customers and the system which it has pioneered from past 40 years in the market of Crane OEM, Steel Plants, Material Handling Industry.

The buffers are thus manufactured and designed to protect people, machines and equipments from forces generated either during normal operations or from operational errors.

The spring buffer has been through compression test, chemical tests and other tests required as per the industry standards with very good results.



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