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Light Duty Insulated Conductor Bar System

Insutech’s Light Duty Insulated Conductor Bar System comprises of four conductors with specific PVC color (R,Y,B,G) is used for Power Transmission for mobile equipments. Current Capacity from 75 to 400Amps.Rated at 100% duty cycle and nominal voltage upto660V.This is the most economic solution of Safe Power-Line for light duty application.

  • Insulated Conductor Bar are finger safe
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Heavy duty Range – 500, 600,800, 1000 &1250Amps in copper material.
  • Light Duty Range – 75, 100 & 125Amps in Galvanised Iron material and 100, 160, 250 & 400Amps in Copper material.
  • Horizontal/Vertical Installation
  • Spring loaded Current Collectors



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