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The INSU TECH Drag Chain is a modern day solution for power transmission vide Flexible PVC cables movement in Material Handling Industry. These Chains are safe solution with least friction and minimal abrasion. The chain is made from non-conductive engineering plastic which is convenient in installation and with least maintenance.

Drag Chain can be used for Industrial Machines with moving parts, Robots, Machine Tools, Conveyor System, Autonomous Systems, Cranes, Shipyard, Ports etc.

Drag Chains are the devices used for Power Transmission in Mobile equipments. These Chains work with least maintenance required and maximum Life cycle. They are continuously in motion with the moving equipment to supply power, control signals, data etc to the respective drives, PLC etc. Drag Chain protects the cable on mobile equipments, compatible with different velocity of travel and has a long life cycle.

> Power transmission system for mobile equipments. (Material Handling)
> To carry very sensitive Data Bus, FO cables
> Machinery with moving equipments

> Usable in most arduous environment
> Easy & Space Saving Installation
> Least Noise when in operation
> Very Simple assembly process
> Reduces cable length
> Minimal Maintenance with maximum Service Life

> Reduced assembly time
> Convenient design for easy and quick opening of the chain
> Opening system is quick either from left or right
> High Speed operation up to 4m/s
> Internal separation for avoidance of cable entanglement
> Mounting Brackets

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